Network Care Revolution

The Network Care Revolution consists of more than 80 groups and individuals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The groups are active in various fields of social reproduction, i.e. domestic work, health, personal assistance, child and elder care, education, housing and sex work. We’re joint in the struggle against supply gaps in public services that lead to exhaustion and time pressure.

Prospectively, we strive towards new models of care-relations. Our aim is a care economy where instead of maximizing profit, human needs are the priority, and where care resources are not allocated through racialized, gendered or class-based structures.

For further information, please take a look at theres articles from members of the network:
Gabriele Winker: Care Revolution: A Feminist-Marxist Transformation Strategy from the Perspective of Caring for Each Other
Gabriele Winker and Matthias Neumann: Fighting for Care Work Resources (PDF)

En Francais:
Gabriele Winker et Matthias Neumann: Care Revolution, décroissance et société solidaire (PDF)

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